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Investing in cryptos has never been easier.
Excelon is the best place to buy, sell, and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.

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Control your money

Get the App, open an account in 3 minutes

It’s so simple do get an account with Excelon. Forget standing in line and going through exhaustive screening. Signing up with us is easy as 1-2-3.

All your funds in one screen

Its all there! Money, crypto, cards and exchange. Plus unlimited functionalities to move them around, in and out of your Excelon account.

Get instant notifications on your transactions

You will get a notification on your transactions (spending, ATM withdrawals, exchange moves, etc) instantly when it happens, so you always know what’s happening in your wallets.


Go shopping, get cash!

Shop globally

Go shopping with your Excelon Mastercard and spend your currency of choice in over 25 million locations worldwide accepting Mastercard globally

Zero POS fees

Enjoy Zero POS fees for all your In-Store purchases with Excelon Mastercard

Get cash globally

Withdraw cash from your Excelon Mastercard at over 1 million ATM locations worldwide where Mastercard is accepted


Pay and get paid online

Your current account & IBAN

Your Excelon current account come with its own IBAN number to give you freedom for any type of use you wish

Send and receive money globally

Send money inside Europe or Globally with a fraction of the fees you would have to pay in bank

Easy top-up

Top-up your account by Wire transfer directly to you IBAN, Credit Card, Voucher or even your Exchange profits so you alway have enough to spend


Hold your crypto safe

A multicurrency wallet at your fingertips

One place for all your coins so you can track your funds in real time next to your FIAT money

Send and receive coins in seconds

Move in crypto from any exchange or wallet so you can exchange them for FIAT or vice versa. The choice is yours

Security you can trust

Our unparalleled security for storing and transmitting your crypto is based in hot, warm and cold wallets with blockchain encrypted private keys and smart contracts driven withdrawal execution for maximum security and avoidance of errors


Buy and sell crypto

Buy with Euros, sell for Euros

Its really simple. You chose the amount you want to invest in crypto or the amount of crypto you want to sell for euros and click execute!

Instant orders execution

Your buy and sell orders are executed instantly and you have instant access to your funds and crypto so you can reinvest or move them around

Zero transaction fees

Enjoy Zero transaction fees so you can trade as much as you want


Get rewards and premium benefits

0.5% Crypto cash back in Bitcoin

Get 0.5% cash back reward in Bitcoin on any in-store POS purchase

Insurance and more

Whether you travel or at home, now you can be insured with a few euros per month

First class treatment

Enjoy access to airport lounges, concierge travel assistance and more


Secure and compliant

Regulated E-Money operations

Your money is safeguarded by FCA E-Money regulations

Regulated Crypto operations

Your cryptocurrency transactions are safeguarded and regulated by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia

Zero transaction fees

Your data and transactions are secured by PCI DSS compliant infrastructure and state of art blockchain encryption and smart contracts

Our Pricing Plans

No surprises, just fair and honest pricing. Simply choose a plan with the features that you want.