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Excelon Exchange beta testing is completed

We are happy to announce that our closed beta is officially finished.

A few statistics about our Beta testing community can be found below:

Total invited users: 50
Total active users: 30
Total transactions executed: 1,180

The users are categorized as following:

A) Users that met our Signup Bonus criteria: 14
B) Users that had an average engagement : 16
C) Users that never engaged : 20

– TOP PARTICIPANT IS REWARDED with 1,500,000 GENE (An***s Vr***s)
– SIGNUP BONUS REWARD of 100,000 GENE goes to all category A users equaling (1,400,000 GENE)
– THANK YOU BONUS of 20,000 GENE goes to all category B users equaling (320,000 GENE)

During the day, all participants will receive an email with information about their perfomance and rewards which will be credited to their account in GENE Wallet.

We would like to thank all participants again for their support and contribution to our development.