Excelon (XLON) Coin is available for trading

1st of June today, what a GREAT DAY!!!!

We are happy to announce that our Mainnet XLON Chain is up and running since the past 3 days after extensive tests on our Testnet for more than 6 months

You can check out the activity at the XLON Chain Explorer at https://explorer.excelon.io

As you may see, the blocks are created every 5 secs!! This means that the average execution time of a transaction is less than 1 second.

The block rewards are consistent with the matrix presented on our whitepaper at https://excelon.io/whitepaper

During the next 2 days, XLON will be functionning as EXCELON's Main Security Backbone engine, thus all EXCELON Transaction (FIAT & CRYPTO) will be reflected on the XLON Chain in order to secure their authenticity and create an auditable trail for our company to prevent hacks, etc.
This is one of the greatest milestones in transforming EXCELON into a full Blockchain Banking Institution and one of the few (if not the only) in the world today!!!!

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!

Excelon (XLON) Coin is available for buy and sell with Eurox (currently) but we will soon offer additional pairs. It may look odd that the XLON Coin price is FLAT but its not. Excelon (XLON) Coin was not pre-sold in an ICO or anything similar. So for a period of ONLY 15 days we will sell and buy it only in Excelon Exchange at the named price of $0.15. After that the trading in other exchanges will start so the price will change, hopefully to the positive side!!! So hurry up!!! Buy your Excelon (XLON) Coins now and benefit in the long run.

Stake your Excelon (XLON) Coins. Once you buy Excelon Coins you can stake them and receive the amazing Earnout of 8,10,12% per annum for the respective staking periods of 3,6 and 12 months

Do not miss the date!!!

The Sunrise period is just for 15 days

1/6/2021 - 15/6/2021