Fast, simple & secure

Excelon Exchange bridges the gap between traditional money and digital currencies in one click!

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Instant Transactions

All transactions are executed in real time!

We know that digital currencies are volatile, so we made it simple for you!
Grasp the opportunity to trade your favourite digital currencies in real time and at the best market rate.

Just select the currencies you want to buy or sell, type the amount and confirm.

That’s it!


Zero Fees

Enjoy fee-free digital currency exchange transactions

Tired of overpayingfees for your digital assets exchange transactions? Angry to see your profits being taken away by your exchange provider?

Now you can do something about it! By opening an Excelon premium account you can enjoy zero exchange transaction fees regardless of the number and the size of your transactions.



Exchange directly what you want

Had enough trying to “create” the pair you want to exchange?

Unlike most exchanges, where usually digital assets are quoted just against BTC, Excelon exchange offers all the possible pairs between the supported digital assets and Euro, making it easy & straight forward to trade directly with just one transaction.


Best digital currency selection

Bitcoin, Ethereum?

Look no further. Excelon Exchange offers you the option to buy and sell the top coins in the market from day one!

Additional digital assets – such are Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether – are added every month, so you can have all the options in one account.



Available in Europe

Excelon Exchange in your country

Excelon Exchange accepts customers from all EEA – European Economic area while it prepares to add additional countries in the future.

Look for your country in our Supported Countries to see all the product options supported.


Fully Regulated Exchange

Is it legal?

Yes it is! Excelon Exchange is a licensed and fully regulated digital assets exchange.

All transactions are filtered against potential malicious money laundering practices to protect our users from any criminal threat.

Storing and transacting your digital assets through Excelon Exchange protects you from any regulatory threats as we ensure that all transactions and participants are verified for their legality against the latest AML directives.

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